MMA-A Digital Audio Kit with d:fine 66 Earset, Black

MMA-A Digital Audio Kit with d:fine 66 Earset, Black

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VIDMK-66 The Headset Kit
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This kit offers the best speech pick up, due to the proximity of the headset mic to the sound source. It can be combined with other DPA mics, like the d:screet SC4098 for adding ambience or recording the surroundings of the situation that you are recording / broadcasting from.

The d:fine 66 Headset Microphone combines the legendary sound of the 4066 Omnidirectional Capsule with the lightweight and flexible d:fine Headset system. This condenser mic is easy and fast to adjust and it offers clean and transparent sound quality with lots of headroom. The d:fineT 66 offers accurate, natural voice intelligibility and very high SPL capabilities. Users can both speak and shout into the mic with no hint of distortion. The microphone capsule is also optimized for low distortion as well as humidity resistance.

The headset kit includes:

  • 1 x MMA-A Digital Audio Interface
  • 1 x FIO66B00 d:fine Omnidirectional Earset Microphone in black
  • 3 x DUA0560 Foam Windscreen for d:screet in black