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4011ES Stereo Kit

3511ES complete stereo kit for unobtrusive spot miking
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Stereo Kit with 4011ES Cardioids

This is a complete stereo kit with two compact 4011ES Cardioid Microphones, with active side cables. The mics are carefully factory-matched within ±1 dB on frequency response and sensitivity in the microphone’s entire frequency bandwidth. The kit includes mics, windscreens, holders, clips, and much more.

Ideal for unobtrusive spot miking, such as hanging or table use, the 4011ES Cardioid Microphone, Active Cable is an ultra-compact cardioid microphone from our modular recording mic series. The mic has a length of only 3.5 cm and a low-key appearance.

The mic features an integrated cable solution. This allows it to be hung from the ceiling and create precise and repeatable positions and angles when spot miking orchestra sections or ambience atmospheres.


  • 2 x 4011ES
  • Clip for MMP-E
  • Suspension mount
  • Magnet base
  • Gooseneck mount
  • Extension pole
  • Foam windscreen
  • Compact XY holder