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4011A Stereo Kit

3511A complete stereo kit for recording studios & live applications
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Stereo Kit with 4011A Cardioids

This is a complete stereo kit with two 4011A Cardioid Microphones, carefully factory-matched within ±1 dB on frequency response and sensitivity in the microphone’s entire frequency bandwidth. The kit includes mics, windscreens, boom, holders, clips, and much more. 

The 4011A Cardioid Microphone is renowned in recording studios and live applications around the world as an exceptional mic. State-of-the-art components have been carefully selected to provide optimal neutrality, accuracy and extremely low distortion.


  • 2 x 4011A
  • Holder
  • Shock mount
  • Stereo boom
  • Foam windscreen
  • Spacer