5100 Mobile Surround Microphone

5100 for 5.1 audio capture
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Plug-and-Play Surround-Sound

  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rich, smooth and fully enveloping sound
  • Discrete 5.1 analog output - no processing needed

The 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone is compact and easy to use. The mic combines stunning sound quality with a plug-and-play solution. It brings engaging surround ambience to sport events, documentaries and other HDTV productions. The mic requires no external signal processing.

This microphone is versatile. You can mount it in many ways: on a camera, microphone stand, suspended from the ceiling or via a hand grip. It is lightweight and portable. It can also withstand inclement weather conditions due to its robust nature.

The 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone uses five miniature pressure transducers. These transducers are insensitive to wind and mechanical noise and offer low distortion and good low-frequency imaging. They also have a wide dynamic range.

This solution is particularly suitable for surround sound recording in film, live recording, broadcast and studio applications. Full surround sound is an excellent way to record a symphony.

The microphone is supplied with:

  • A five-metre, six-pair Mogami cable that splits into six Neutrik XLR-M connectors.
  • An outdoor cover (OC5100) that protects the 5100 from rain and reduces wind noise.