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MIDI/CV/USB Control Surface
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Touché is an expressive instrument that lets you control electronic sounds with a touch of your hands.

A true instrument at your finger tips

The wooden skin of Touché reacts to the smallest pressure, the slightest vibration you apply to it. Feel and experience the music with a highly sensitive device : your fingers.

Press and slide your hand on the wood skin to make the sound of your synthesizers change. Soft or hard gestures will influence the intensity of the sound.
Percussive or progressive gestures will influence the rhythm of the sound.

  • Expressive and Intuitive Controller
  • 4 x Independent Expression Shifting
  • Force Feedback and Sensitivity Settings
  • 4 CV/Gate Outputs + MIDI Input & Output
  • Configurable CV Signal Curve
  • Configurable MIDI CC Messages
  • Lié Software - Editor & Preset Manager
  • Includes UVI Workstation Plug-In
  • Hardware/Software Presets & Templates
  • Includes USB Cable and MIDI Adapters