Mogami Line cable balanced, Jack<->Jack

Professional balanced Audio Cable TRS-TRS
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Professional audio cable TRS <-> TRS

The cable offers professional specifications and sound quality for many applications - in the studio and on the stage. The Live Series balanced Line Cable 2534 uses Mogami's "Neglex Studio Quad" reference cable with oxygen-free copper (OFC).

A four-wire signal transmission and the extremely dense spiral shield effectively suppress electromagnetic interference from outside. Compared to other symmetrical signal guides, external interference signals are reduced by an additional 15dB. The result is recordings without interference and an extended usable dynamic range. The low capacitance of the cable ensures unadulterated transparency and detail of the transmitted audio signal.

  • Cable: Mogami 2534 NEGLEX Studio Quad, Black, balanced
  • Plug: Neutrik NP3X-B jack <> Neutrik plug NP3X-B jack
  • Black chrome plated housing, gold plated contacts
  • Series: Live
  • Includes: velcro cable tie


  • Quad-core cable technology
  • Very high noise rejection
  • Large transmission range
  • Extremely dense spiral shield
  • XLPE plastic insulation
  • 4-wire conductor system
  • Oxygen-free copper
  • Gold plated contacts