Mogami AES/EBU, D-Sub25<->D-Sub25

AES/EBU breakout cable with Tascam or Yamaha pinout
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AES/EBU Breakout Cable Digital D-Sub25 <-> D-Sub25

Mogami's 8-pin Multicore 3162 is optimized for the transmission of digital audio signals according to the AES/EBU standard. The required impedance of 110 Ohm is guaranteed with a tolerance of only ±10%. A low capacitive resistance, selected materials such as CPP Cellular Polypropylene and an extra ground conductor also ensure excellent electrical properties with uncomplicated handling of the cable.

  • Very flexible and compact design
  • Flexible and well insulated even at low temperatures.
  • 110 ohm multicore AES/EBU DIGITAL AUDIO cable.
  • Easy cabling using the same conductor cross-sections for the hatchet litz.
  • Simple cable core identification system using numbering and resistor color coding.
  • Cellular polypropylene (CPP) insulation material allows larger conductor cross-section with lower attenuation.