4-Channel analog input modules with 192 kHz support
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Works with: HDSPe AIO, HDSP 9632

This option for the HDSP 9632 and HDSPe AIO is an analog expansion board, designed as bracket with 4 stereo TRS jacks. AI4S-192 AIO provides four servo-balanced inputs. With this a maximum of 6 (including the stereo I/O of the card) inputs can be achieved.

The converters offer the same performance as the on-board stereo analog I/O of the HDSPe AIO: up to 192 kHz, balanced connection and the choice of three different reference levels, selected in the Settings dialog.

Note: AI4S-192 and AO4S-192 (without the suffix AIO) do work only with the HDSP 9632. The current Expansion Boards with the suffix AIO work with both cards.