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SPEAR Labs Triton-1

In-Ear Headphone
CHF 2'499.00
inclusive of VAT
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The SPEAR Labs Triton 1 diverts three ways to four drivers: the system is called the Hybrid Acoustically Balanced Universal technology, or HABU in short. Every driver has been optimised for the Triton 1.

The first is a specifically designed dynamic driver with a laminated five-layered 10-mm membrane. Next is a world premier: the magneto-static ACT driver provides and exceptional frequency range with virtually no distortion. The driver system is completed by a set of dual balanced armature transducers finely tuned to the Triton 1. This proprietary three-way system ensures that the earphones sonically deliver on the promises made by the exterior design.


  • 100% hand made in USA
  • special materials: Lava-Obsidian; Titan; 925er Sterling Silber
  • High-End listening experience
  • intricate mahagony wooden box
  • Eartips in 3 sizes (small, medium, large)