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4015A Wide Cardioid Mic

4015A for recording music in studios & concert halls
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Totally linear off-axis characteristics

  • Low profile – wide pickup area
  • Natural reproduction
  • Directional ambience pickup
  • Exceptional for vocals
  • Modular flexibility

This mic is the perfect fill-in between an omnidirectional and a directional microphone.

This is the ideal mic for recording grand piano, guitar, marimba and percussion, or as a spot mic for groups in a symphony orchestra. Likewise, it is an excellent speech, dubbing, or vocal mic as its enhanced richness on the bass end nicely compliments many voices.

The 4015A Wide Cardioid Mic suits acoustic instruments and voices with rich and open sound. It is capable of handling extremely high sound pressure levels before clipping occurs. The 4015A even includes a 20 dB pad switch in the center of the XLR connector to prevent overloading of the mic amplifier.

The 4015A is also available as a matched stereo pair.