Update and Support Plan Reinstatement for Pro Tools Ultimate

Update and Support Plan Reinstatement for Pro Tools Ultimate Promotion! Sale!

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Reinstate an expired Update+Support Plan
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Last Chance and while stocks last.

Last chance to renew your expired Update + Support Plan for Pro Tools Ultimate. This reactivation will no longer be offered in the future. All expired and non-renewed software plans can then only be updated with a new permanent license.

If you currently do not have an upgrade plan or allowed one to expire, this enables you to purchase or reinstate a new Annual Upgrade and Support Plan for Pro Tools Ultimate.

You must have a Pro Tools | HD 9, 10, 11, or 12 license to purchase this plan, which will enable you to upgrade/update to the latest version of Pro Tools Ultimate.

  • New 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan, which includes access to all new releases and ExpertPlus support, renewable annually
  • Includes all plug-ins in the Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle, Pro Tools | MachineControl for one year as part of your plan
  • Pro Tools DigiLink I/O licence sold separately
  • Storage-1 GB Collaboration Cloud Storage. Want more than 1 GB?
  • Sounds-2 GB high-quality loop library, plus over 3 GB of bonus samples and sounds
  • Plugins-Access to virtual instruments, effects, and sound processors; Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual licenses include 63 plugins, with access to 51 bonus plugins included with an active 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan (HEAT not included)

If purchasing a Perpetual License, please note that 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plans can only be renewed up until 30 days after the expiration date; if you fail to renew your annual plan, you can always purchase a new Pro Tools 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan to reinstate your access to new releases and Standard support