KLANG:fabrik, 8 Ch. 3D In-Ear Monitoring System DEMO

KLANG:fabrik, 8 Ch. 3D In-Ear Monitoring System DEMO

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Demodevice incl. MADI Module
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Individual 3D In-Ear Mixes for 8 musicians at once

KLANG:fabrik is the core of our monitoring solution. It combines the latest and finest HD audio algorithms with a multitude of flexible audio interfaces (i.e. Dante™, compatible to ADAT) in order to work with professional mixing desks and stage boxes of any kind. Up to 8 musicians receive their individual 3D mixes with one KLANG:fabrik. If your band is greater than 8 there is always the option to daisy-chain multiple KLANG:fabrik.

The 3D monitoring mixes are sent from KLANG:fabrik to radio transmitters or headphone amps via XLR, back to the ears of the musicians. Thanks to our high-performance processors this can happen without any noticeable latency. Use our app on any device (iOS, Andoid, WindowsPhone, PC and Mac), or the faders of your mixing desk to control KLANG:fabrik from where you are.

And there is more, KLANG:fabrik is at the same time fully flexible audio network router of up to 128 MADI inputs, 64 Dante inputs and 32 ADAT compatible inputs to up to 64 MADI outputs, 64 Dante outputs and 32 ADAT compatible outputs.


  • Professional personal monitoring
  • Realistic 3D sound through binaural technology
  • Interactivity through motion tracking
  • Up to 8 musicians per KLANG:fabrik – expandable at will (daisy chain)
  • Digital inputs via Dante, compatible to ADAT
  • We add Zero Latency inputs by request
  • Lifelong firmware updates and software improvements

Technical Details

  • 16 x high-class balanced analog line level outputs
  • 64 x 64 (128x0 switchable) channel optional MADI BNC interface incl. (Input/Output)
  • 64 x 64 channel Dante™ interface (Input/Output)
  • 32 x 32 channel ADAT compatible (Input/Output)
  • Word Clock (Input/Output)
  • 2x redundant professional power supplies 100-240V
  • 2x locking IEC power connectors
  • Latency less than 3ms
  • 96 kHz | 88.2 kHz | 48 kHz | 44.1 kHz