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Pro Tools HD I/O 8x8x8

Analog Audiointerface
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Listen to what you've been missing!

HD I/O features top-of-the-line A/D and D/A converters for better signal quality, extended dynamic range, effective jitter suppression, and lowest possible latency in your audio recordings - a crucial sonic improvement over its predecessors. In certain configurations, you can also take advantage of built-in sample rate conversion and a soft-clip option, making your work much more straightforward. And with Curv, the integrated new soft-knee limiter that captures even the shortest signal peaks, you'll easily record high-pitched signals and adjust inconsistent input levels.

HD I/O 8×8×8

The right choice when you need a combination of analog and digital connections for your music or post-production projects. There is also the possibility to expand the inputs and outputs..

High-quality analog inputs and outputs:

  • 8 analog inputs (via DB25)
  • 8 analog outputs (via DB25)

Various digital inputs and outputs:

  • 8 AES/EBU channels (I/O), supporting single-wire and dual-wire with a sample rate of 192 kHz
  • 8 TDIF channels (I/O)
  • 8 ADAT channels (I/O), support for S/MUX II and IV

Additional digital inputs and outputs:

  • 2 AES/EBU channels (I/O) (supports single-wire at 192 kHz sample rate)
  • 2 S/PDIF channels (I/O)
  • 8 ADAT channels (I/O), support for S/MUX II and IV
  • 1 free slot for I/O expansion