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2006A Stereo Pair

ST2006A with MMP-A Preamp
CHF 1'949.00
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Matched stereo pairs

  • Modularity – interchangable capsules and preamplifiers
  • Up to 120 dB dynamic range
  • RF rejection between >60 and >40 dB
  • Linear frequency response
  • High SPL
  • Superior gain before feedback

These kits contains a complete stereo pair; two handpicked 2006 Twin Diaphragm Omnidirectional Microphones, selected on sensitivity within ±1.5 dB. The mics deliver precise sound and true tone.

These mics are ideal for use with orchestra, acoustic piano, guitar, wind instruments and choirs. The two 2006s comes with Clips and Windscreens all packed in a Peli™ Case.

Together with the MMP-A preamp this condenser mic bridges the gap between the extreme sound quality of the recording mic series and the well-known miniature mic series.