Violectric Coax Input 24/192

Digital Option for Violectric Headphone Amps
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This module can be used to retrofit a coaxial digital input for all Violectric headphone amplifiers.

A device with a coaxial output (SPDIF) can be connected to this input. Digital audio files in PCM format can be transmitted. It supports 2-channel formats up to 24 bits and with 28 ... 210 kHz sample rate. The electronics include the 24/192-capable receiver, digital audio processing and an excellent separate 24-bit D / A converter with 115 dB of dynamic response and -103 dB of THD + N. The processing of the signal after the converter is done by excellent analog circuits.

The digital input has priority over all other inputs, a valid signal turns off the analog inputs. If the RCA sockets of the headphone amplifier are switched as output, the converted signal is output here analog.

The assembly is delivered installed when ordered at the same time as a headphone amplifier. The subsequent retrofitting is not a problem and is limited to stuck and unscrewed. Installation instructions can be emailed in advance.


  • digital option for Violectric headphoneamplifier
  • coaxialer digital input (SPDIF)
  • 24 Bit / 192 kHz