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4060 Omni microphone de surface, XLR

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Optimized for better speech intelligibility

  • Ideal for use in boardrooms and conference rooms
  • An elegant, low-profile Scandinavian design
  • Optimized for better speech intelligibility
  • Modular adapter system, suitable for most wireless systems

This microphone solution is ideal for use in boardrooms, conference rooms and courtrooms. It is also ideal for teleconferencing and other applications where excellent voice pickup is required.

The BLM4060 boundary microphone is a transducer designed for optimal performance as a table microphone, but performs equally well on any other hard, flat, sound-reflecting surface.

The microphone is a pre-polarized mini omnidirectional condenser microphone with a 5.4 mm vertical diaphragm. The microphone housing consists of a centered rubber disc that houses the microphone element and is embedded in an elegant stainless steel frame. Includes detachable 3m cable.

The BLM4060 boundary microphone can be easily placed in any position on the table surface, even close to the edge. Users will benefit from the special characteristics of the surrounding sound field on which the microphone is mounted: 6 dB gain of direct sound and only 3 dB gain of diffuse sound. Compared to sound above the surface, sound is captured with greater clarity and speech intelligibility, especially at high frequencies.

A wide range of connection adapters and supported supply voltages allows the d:sign 4060 boundary microphone to be used with any microphone input. It is supplied with a DAD6001 XLR adapter. However, since the included cable terminates at a DPA MicroDot connector, this microphone can be connected to a wireless system via the flexible adapter system.

An adapter system for more flexibility

Wireless system adapters give you flexible, easy and affordable options. You are no longer tied to a wireless system. As conditions change, simply swap out your adapter instead of buying a whole new microphone. And after the switch, you won't notice any loss or change in sound quality.